Changeless Truths


Fruit that is Never out of Season


All In


Having A Heart Like Jesus


All Things New

May 2019

Easter 2019

Easter Sunday

Life on a Mission

January 2019


Advent/Christmas 2018

Move Into Redemptive Relationship

November 2018

IMPACT - When Two Worlds Meet

September/October 2018

Formed and Filled: The End of the Uninhabitable Life

September 2018


Summer 2018

Living, Loved and Listening

August 2018

Faith and Work

Dana Schnortz

Relying on Jesus

May 2018

Living as Light

May 2018

Following Jesus


Recognizing Jesus as Lord


Grasping How Deep is the Love of God

April 2018

Your Story Isn't Over


The Bible and the Future

January - March 2018

One More Gift to Open

December 31, 2017

The Gospel of Mark

Beginning October 2016

The Compassion of Our Lord

September 2017

Why is the God of the Old Testament So Angry

August 2017

Jesus Makes a Hospital Visit

August 2017


July - September 2017

The Jonah Syndrome

July 2017

I Once Was Lost

May, June 2017

Stable? So What?

April 2017

Easter 2017

April 16, 2017

Believing In Hope

Scott Nyegaard

Speak Lord, Your Servant is Listening

October 2016

The Church

September 2016

Following God

July, August, September 2016

The Attitude of a Disciple

July 2016

Follow the Leader

July 3, 2016

Encounters with Jesus

The Gospels record the encounters that many people had with Jesus. During the month of June, we'll explore four of those encounters and how Jesus interacted…

Confirmation Sunday

Confirmation Sunday is the day we hear the testimonies of our confirmands by which they affirm their faith in Jesus and we, the church, confirm the same.…

Praying the Psalms

April - May 2016

I Am

February, March 2016

Biblical Sexuality

January, February 2016

The Story of the Star

January 2016

Worthy Is the Lamb

Advent & Christmas 2015

A Voice in the Darkness

November 2015

Living Generously

October/November 2015

If God Is For Us

September, October 2015

Summertime Wisdom of Small Creatures

September 2015

Summertime Praise

August 2015

Don't Miss It

August 2015

The Parables of Jesus

July, August, September 2015

Resolve of a Prophet-Heart of a Shepherd

July 2015

Claiming Our Covenant Identity

May and June 2015

Confirmation 2015

May 3, 2015

The Cross

Easter Series 2015

A Down to Earth Spirituality

January, February, March 2015

Getting to Know David

January 2015

The Incarnation: Glory, Scandal and Mission

Matthew Friedman
December 2014

The Stories of Advent

Advent 2014

In the Beginning, GOD

September, October, November 2014

By Faith

July, August 2014

Joy, Sacrifice and Vocation

Anneke Stasson
June 2014

Unleashing the Church

June 2014

The Incomparable Riches of His Grace

May 2014

Matthew 7

May 2014

Easter 2014

April 2014

Living in the Presence of God

March, April 2014

Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

March 2014

Deeper Righteousness

January, February, March 2014

You, the Light of Christ

January 2014

The Next 20 Years

January 2014

Embracing Our Epiphany

Randy McGuire
January 2014

Grace, Identity and Mission

December 2013

For God so Loved

December 2014

20th Anniversary

October 2013

Change of Heart - A Study of the Beatitudes

September, October, November 2013

The Church and the Holy Spirit Revisited

September 2013

Future Family-Passing On What Matters

August 2013

The Holy Spirit

July, August 2013

When the Church is the Church

June 2013

Love in Action

June 2013

We Are the Church

May, June 2013

Did We Plug up the Hole

Debbie Blue
May 2013

Confirmation 2013

April 2013

I Am a Giver

April 2013

Easter 2013

March 2013

The Lord's Prayer

February, March 2013

A New Creation

January, February 2013

Keep the Faith

January 2013

The Incarnation

December 2012

Doubting Bob

November 2012

To Be Grateful

November 2012

See With New Eyes - The Kingdom of God

September, October, November 2012